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We wanted to take a few minutes to address the recent test results posted by Vapor Shark on the levels of diacetyl and acetyl propionyl in several top e-Liquid brands and clear up any rumors you may have heard.

First, none of Cosmic Fog’s e-liquids tested positive for diacetyl. According to the Enthalpy test results, all Cosmic Fog e-liquids came back as NON DETECTABLE for diacetyl at the detection limit used.

You can verify this here: (click “Buy Now” to pull up each result). You review the report for Streek here. Although exposure to diacetyl by ingestion as a food ingredient has been evaluated by experts, exposure to inhaled diacetyl has not been determined to be safe. Specifically, exposure to large amounts of inhaled diacetyl from certain work-place settings over many years (e.g., the microwave popcorn production and flavor manufacturing industries) has been documented to be associated with bronchiolitis obliterans, a severe respiratory illness commonly known as “Popcorn Lung”. But, it is important to recognize that while additional studies are necessary, no specific health risks have been established for diacetyl at the levels typically present in some e-liquid flavors. Nevertheless, although it is unknown if the levels in e-Liquids carry any particular risk we have always done our best to avoid the use of diacetyl in our products, as the Enthalpy results demonstrate.

What is acetyl propionyl and do any Cosmic Fog flavors contain it? Acetyl propionyl is a flavoring agent that is chemically identified as 2,3-pentanedione. After the risk of Popcorn Lung became associated with diacetyl, the majority of flavoring companies switched to 2,3-pentanedione as a replacement because of its chemical similarity. Of the 42 companies tested by Vapor Shark, 39 have at least one flavor which contains acetyl propionyl. Only two Cosmic Fog e-liquids are known to contain acetyl propionyl (Milk and Honey and Nutz), a fact which we have always known and shared with our customers who have asked, as we have all of our e-liquids tested.

Should I be worried about acetyl propionyl? This is the greatest question of them all. Acetyl propionyl is chemically very similar to diacetyl, which is why the flavor companies used it as a replacement, but it has not itself been directly linked to Popcorn Lung or other disorders in any human beings. Of course, more studies are needed, including long-term inhalation studies in humans. It is not banned or restricted by FDAor any government bodies. This lack of information does not immediately predicate safety or harm, the fact is we just don’t know.

What should we do about it? As of now Cosmic Fog is proud to be one of the first e-Liquid manufacturers determined to find out. We have retained a team of toxicologists and sent ours as well as several other companies e-Liquids to be analyzed. The main aspect this team will be focused on is comparing e-Liquid such as our own against the diacteyl and acetyl propionyl levels found in conventional cigarettes and their effect on the human lung. The important aspect of vaping we all focus on is harm reduction, if we are switching to vaping e-Liquids we want them to be healthier for us than smoking. This team will give us a definitive answer on how levels of acetyl propionyl found in e-Liquid compares against diaceytl levels in conventional tobacco.

We applaud Vapor Shark for taking the initiative to have these products tested. We encourage all e-liquid manufacturers and flavor suppliers to have their products independently tested by accredited laboratories using appropriate methodologies and detection limits. We also believe it is critical for e-liquid manufacturers to be transparent so that consumers are fully informed about their products, which is something Cosmic Fog has always strived to do. The safety of our loyal customers has always been our number one priority. We pride ourselves in always being one of the companies leading the charge in safer manufacturing practices and providing only the highest quality products available. Keep an eye out over the next several weeks as we release parts of what we are doing to revolutionize the manufacturing process for safer E-Liquids. Please SHARE this post on your walls and your favorite vape groups to SPREAD THE WORD.

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